MGCSA Corona BMPs and Protocols for Green Staff

23 Apr 2020 9:56 AM | Jack Mackenzie (Administrator)

MGCSA BMPS for Golf Maint COVID 19 ed.pdf

  • MGCSA Golf Course Management BMP and Considerations during the COVID19 Pandemic

    All operations will refer to the OSHA – Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 and Preparing Workplaces of a COVID-19 Outbreak as described by the CDC.

    Green Staff Management

  • ·      Limit the number of staff members inside maintenance facility or building at a given time.
  • ·      Visually checking in/out staff members starting time (no time clocks, key cards, etc.).
  • ·      Working shorter shifts so there is no requirement for lunch breaks (or breaks are staggered, and/or taken outside/inside private vehicles).
  • ·      Conduct staff meeting outdoors or via electronic means, use online resources to schedule start times and tasks for general maintenance such as google docs, etc.
  • ·      Stagger start times for employees assigning specific employee orders and let them know who they follow each day (keep regular each day).
  • ·      Utilize groups texts to stay in touch with employees/assign tasks, and check in frequently if they are working alone on the course.
  • ·      If possible assign tasks where co-workers are able to stay in visual sight of each other if the course is empty for safety.
  • ·      Assign staff members mowers/carts that only they use.
  • ·      Provide PPE to staff/gloves, masks, face shields.
  • ·      Sanitize contact surfaces frequently including; hand tools, door knobs, door openers, restrooms, faucets, light switches, keypads, keyboards, tablets, tables, desks, etc.
  • ·      Provide employees with adequate soap and water and hand sanitizer or wipes and place in prominent places.
  • ·      If an employee is sick or showing signs of the virus, send them home or do not have them come in, even with mild symptoms.
  • On the Course

  • ·      Create signage for all golfers as they enter the facilities with rules adopted on the golf course reducing touch points and employing social distancing.
  • ·      Consider fixing flagstick in the cup via mechanical methods or glue so players don’t have the choice of removing it.
  • ·      Consider creating designated areas for people to stand where people would normally congregate especially on tees and walkways.
  • ·      Use some type of implement (short piece of foam, pvc pipe etc.) to prevent the ball from falling all the way to the bottom of the putting cup and allowing it to be removed more easily (USGA has modified rules during the pandemic for scoring purposes).
  • ·      Remove all bunker rakes, ball washers, scorecard boxes, water coolers, divot boxes, scoops, seed bottles, scorecard/pencil holders/ and other items golfers may normally touch.
  • ·      All practice facility bag stands, chairs and PVC pipes for picking up balls will be removed.
  • ·      All range-balls will be cleaned, with water and soap, after every pick-up prior to making them available for golfers.
  • ·      Discourage golfers from using spent tees on teeing surface. Please use your own tee.
  • ·      Remind golfers to bring their own drinking water; it will not be provided via coolers, fountains, etc.
  • ·      If on course restrooms are to be opened, they should be disinfected regularly, and stocked with adequate soap / sanitizer / disinfectants. Consider installing foot pulls on all doors.

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