Minnesota Drought Management Information

Potential water allocation permit suspensions are currently based on low stream flow rates. Suspensions are affecting surface water permits only. If you have a groundwater permit (well) or city water access, those permits will still be active. The suspensions would last for a minimum of 72 hours (see #3 below).

This the issue we have been advocating for at the State Capitol for years, working to provide assurances to minimal access to water in drought periods. It is now potentially affecting a larger group of our colleagues and could soon affect all of us. Future advocacy efforts will still need to be directed at preserving our water access! 

1. MN Statewide Drought PlanThe state framework for preparing for and responding to droughts to minimize conflicts and negative impacts on Minnesota's natural resources and economy.

2. MN Legislative Water Allocation Priorities - Golf is currently category 6, non-essential. If drought stage reached Emergency Phase, permits holders could lose access to water. Current permit suspensions are based on low flow streams. 

3. Guidelines for Surface Water Appropriation Permit Suspensions - State procedures for water allocation permit suspension and reinstatement.

4. Weekly Stream Flow Maps & Tables - Weekly updates for the states watersheds and creek flow rates. Flows marked as below Q90 are considered protected low flow level in Minnesota and is used for suspending water appropriation permits. Monitor these charts for weekly flow rates and warning phases.

5. Live Stream Flow Data

6. DNR Drought Management

7. Drought Management BMP - The MGCSA BMP documents outline water conservation and efficiencies for golf courses. 

8. NWS 5 & 7-Day Precipitation Forecast 

9. Minnesota DNR Area Hydrologist Contact List

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