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2024 Legacy Scholarship Application

Joseph S. Garske Legacy Scholarship

Given annually in honor of Joseph S. Garske, founder of the Par Aide Products Company, this scholarship program is designed to assist children and grandchildren of Class AA, A, SM, C, D and EM members. 

2023 - Parker Wood

2022 - Maggie Taylor                                                                                                                  
2021 - Sophia Kelly, Mikayla Santjer

2020 - Lida Dodge, Sophia Kelly

2019- Isaiah Anderson, Lida Dodge
2018- Quinn McDonagh, Isiah Anderson
2017-  AnneMarie Backstrom, Quinn McDonagh
2016- AnneMarie Backstrom, Emeline Brudwick                                                                                 
2015 - Emeline Brudwick, Melina Lynn
2014 - Allison Hable, Melina Lynn
2013 - Kyle Kazmierczak, Jennifer Hable
2012 - Ben Johnson, Kyle Kazmierczak
2011 - Kira Clunis, Ben Johnson
2010 - Kelsey Krause, Kira Clunis
2009 - Kelsey Krause, Elle Clunis
2008 - Elle Clunis, Pamela Erickson
2007 - Pamela Erickson, Andrew Evenson
2006 - Nicole Lohman, Andrew Evenson
2005 - Nicole Lohman, Brittania Panuska
2004 - Ariana Clunis, Brittania Panuska
2003 - Natalie A. Lohman, Ariana Clunis
2002 - Brian Evenson, Natalie A. Lohman
2001 - Jonah Evenson, Anthony Grannes
2000 - Jonah Evenson, Aaron Smith
1999 - Amy Mounts, Aaron Smith
1998 - Amy Mounts, Lucas Mahal
1997 - Tamara Johnson, Lucus Mahal
1996 - Tamara Johnson, Andrea Smith

MGCSA Legacy Scholarship

A scholarship program designed to assist children and grandchildren of Class AA, A, SM, C, D, Associate and Affiliate members.

2023 - Kylie Knodel, Calvin Yonak
2022 - Sophia Kelly, Parker Wood
2021 - Elliot Ische, Sara Kelly
2020 - Elliot Ische, Jenna Fischer
2019- Sara Kelly, Maggie Taylor 
2018- Kaija Eckholm, Sara Kelly
2017- Kaija Eckholm, Maggie Traver
2016 - Kaija Eckholm, Abigal Gullicks
2015 - Abigail Gullicks, Emma Rost
2014 - AnneMarie Backstrom, Anne W. Frank
2013 - Zachery Churchill, Kelsey Dodge
2012 - Kira Clunis, Melissa Femrite
2011 - Megan Meier, Jessica Norby
2010 - Melissa Femrite, Benjamin Kasner
2009 - Ian Almquist, Christine Diegnau
2008 - Candice Grimm, Kelsey Phenow
2007 - Laura Fischer, Kelsey Phenow
2006 - Madalyn Ellingson, Kelsey Phenow
2005 - Laura Walton
2004 - Nicole Lohman
2003 - Antonio R. Smith, Jonathan S. Glader
2002 - Jonathan Glader, Patrick Malloy
2001 - Zachary Erickson, Joshua Natzel
2000 - Zachary Erickson, Paul Fischer
1999 - Laura Lentner, John Redmond
1998 - Aaron Smith, John Redmond

MGCSA Turf Scholarship Award (No Longer Offered)

Historically given to students who excel in the studies of turf management.

2009 -Nicholas Klinkhammer, University of Minnesota and Joseph LeVoir, University of Minnesota
2008 - Andrew Beske, Anoka Technical College
2007 - Tom Steigauf, University of Minnesota
2006 - Aaron Johnsen, University of Minnesota
2005 - Aaron Johnsen, University of Minnesota
2004 - Samuel Bauer, University of Minnesota
2003 - Steve Roxberg, Penn State
    Eric K. Ritter, Penn State University
    Joseph Maloney, Penn State University
2002 - Andrew Carlson, University of Minnesota
    Brandon M. Schindele, University of Minnesota
2001 - Eric Ritter, Penn State University
   Jeffrey Weiss, Anoka-Hennepin Technical College
2000 - Thomas E. Edstrom, Rochester Community College
1999  -Andrew Kjos, Penn State University
    Jason Habreck, Iowa State University
    Eric Ritter, Penn State
1998 - Chad Wilson, Iowa State University
    David Swift, Penn State University
    Kristine Ramsey, Iowa State University
    Mike Harrington, University of Minnesota
    Riley Kieffer, Michigan State University
    Arik Hemquist, Anoka-Hennepin Technical College
    Jeffrey Ische, Penn State University
    Chad Wilson, Iowa State University
    Ann Paulisch, Penn State University
    Reid Paulson, South Dakota State University
    Shannon Schornack, Anoka-Hennepin Technical College
1997 - Jeffrey Bushlack, University of Minnesota
     Rick Traver, Penn State University
1996 - Andrew Larsen, University of Minnesota
1995 - James Holden, Anoka-Hennepin Technical College
    Chris Smith, Anoka-Hennepin Technical College
    James Temple, Anoka-Hennepin Technical College
1994 - Michael Brower, Penn State University
    Jeffrey Kolodjski, Iowa State University
    James Schmitz, Riverland Technical College
    Eric Sundet, Michigan State University
    Theresa Vyskocil, Penn State University
1993 - Daniel Augdahl, University of Minnesota
    Brian Driste, Penn State University
    Janelle Lord, Riverland Technical College
    Michael Lund, Anoka-Hennepin, Technical College
    Brian Nettz, University of Minnesota
1992 - Lee Horning, Penn State University
    William Gullicks, Anoka-Hennepin Technical College
    Jeffrey Johnson, University of Minnesota
    Mark Simeon, University of Minnesota
1991 - Thomas Flood, Anoka-Hennepin Technical College
    David Solga, Penn State University
    Chris Youngbauer, Anoka-Hennepin Technical College
1990 - Harvey Klitzke, Anoka-Hennepin Technical College
    Chris Leach, Anoka-Hennepin Technical College
    Michael Nelson, Anoka-Hennepin Technical College
1989 - Nancy O’Connor, Horrey Georgetown Technical College
    Mike Bohnenstingl, Anoka-Hennepin Technical College
1988 - Scott Thompson, Iowa State
    Greg Iden, University of Minnesota/Waseca
1987 - Jeff Mayer, Michigan State University
    Jeff Anderson, University of Minnesota
    Dave Simeon, University of Minnesota

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